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The Explicit Pump/$89

5" Heel available in sizes: 5 to 14 medium & wide widths in half sizes. In stock in brown, tan, wine, olive green, navy blue, white, pewter, black and black suede. These shoes are made with genuine kidskin leather in the USA.

Also available in 4" heel up to size 15 (black suede not available)

S13 with T4 heel $49 to $59, special orders in clear and black heels only.

Stock Item. Size 5 to 14. Black patent also in stock in wide and double wide.
Made in the USA.

The most comfortable heel in the city! Style M71/0025 with 3 3/4" Terra heel slide.
Sizes 5 to 14 W and WW

Left to Right: Black Lea $59, Brown Lea with brown painted heel $69, deep green Lea $59, Red Lea $59.

Style M71

Left to Right: Red oriental satin $59, black oriental satin $59, Jade/Gold Oriental Satin with clear heel $69, Black/Gold Oriental Satin $59.

Left to Right: All Clear $49, Clear with rhinestone Band $69. Clear with rhinestone buckle design $59. Clear with ankle strap $49.

Style M71

Left to Right: White Lea $59, Moss Green Kidskin Lea $59, Lavender Kidskin Lea $59, lime green Lamb Lea $59.

Style P757

Style P757 with T4 heel in sizes 5 to 14, half sizes and wide width in stock.

Limited Invintory

Left to Right: Brown Lea with black patent leather trim $99, Black patent leather $99, red patent leather $99, Black Lea $99.

Style P105

Style P105 Black leather with D'Orsy cut heel.
Made in USA
Half sizes and wide width available. $79
Left: 4" heel in sizes 5 to 15.
Right: 5" heel in sizes 5 to 14.

Limited Stock

Gold with painted gold 6000 heel; Style 6161 silver with painted silver 6000 heel.
Sizes 5 to 13
$69 to $109

Platforms: 6, 7 and 8"

Left: Basic 6" heel platform shoe in stock in black, red, white patent leather and all clear.
Right: 8" heel black or silver Glitter Lady, no ankle strap $95

7" heel. Glitter Lady Black, silver, white and baby pink with ankle strap $89.

7" heel. Glitter Lady Lavender, silver and white, no ankle strap $89.

8" heel. Glitter Lady Black and silver with ankle strap $95 in sizes 6 to 12.

NOVA UNIT styles S13 & 0025 heel.
A heavier 5" heel with a 1" platform sole.
VERY comfortable!
Sizes 5 to 12
Limited Inventory

Left to Right: Style S13 black patent leather $59. Style S13 black Lea $69. Style 614 (slingback) black Lea $69, S25 (open toe with closed back) Black Lea $69, Style P757 (peep toe pump) black patent leather $79

Left to Right: Style 0025 Slide Black Lea $59 0035 Lace Brown Lea/Brown painted unit $99 Slide Clear with Black $49. Slide All Clear $49.

Mary Jane Wing Tip / $89

This is a Mary Jane Wing Tip design shoe that we stock in black/white, black leather/black patent leather, and black/red. We stock it on the T4 5" heel but it can be made on a lower or higher heel and in a wide variety of color combinations.  Available and in stock in sizes 5 to 14  Made in USA.

Dorsey Cut Ankle Strap
T4 heel, $69
Limited Inventory

This ankle strap shoe comes in sizes 5 to 14 with a 5" heel and 3/4" platform. It is in stock and available in black patent, (white and red leather Limited Stock). The black patent leather is also available on a 6" heel platform.

Limited Inventory

Left to Right: Style S13 black Lea $59, Lite Brown Lea painted $69, Creme kidskin Lea painted $69, Purple lamb Lea tinted $69, Red Lea $59, Royal blue Lea $59.

Left to Right: Style M70 double buckle ankle strap black Lea $79. Style M70 cork material $79, Hilda black Lea $59, Hilda white Lea with white heel $59, Style 0328 cork material $69.


Left to Right: airplanes, pigs, cows, hello kitty, Cubs*, White Sox*, Betty Boop $59.

* customer must supply material

Left to Right: Style 614 (slingback) Black Lea $59, Brown Lamb Lea with painted heel $69, lite brown Lamb Lea with painted heel $69, Multi swirl $59, Merlot Kidskin Lea $69.

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