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We stock only Vollers Corsets-Their factory in England  has been making corsets since 1899!!

Please Note: All sizes are for CLOSED waist size.


Model 2014

Extream waist reduction tight lacing corset.

Stocked in Black, available in many materials and colors.



V1891U-underbust corset gives maximum hip coverage-in stock in black satin up to 42" or ivory satin up to 36". With removable garters.


V1844 shown in Red/Black Brocade

V1844U-In stock in black satin up to 36" No garters

V1844U-In stock in black velvet up to 32"

Red brocade in stock up to 34". No garters.

V411 Blk PVC -V411 Satin Colors  and Brocades

 V411U.  Corset with shoulder straps. Available in sizes 18-38 closed waist size. Satin colors: black, baby pink, baby blue, purple, royal blue, and black PVC. With removable garters.

V1890 Satin Colors  
 V1890U is a corset for longer waisted people or for better hip coverage. Available in sizes 18-42 closed waist size. Satin colors in stock: black, ivory, white, purple, red. Also white wedding lace and white cotton ribbon. With removable garters.

V1905 Satin Colors    Blk PVC             Blk Satin

 V1905U covers from mid bust to top of hips. Available in sizes 18-42 waist size. satin colors in stock: black, red, purple, royal blue, baby blue, baby pink, white, ivory, plus denim, gold glitter, silver glitter, black PVC. With removable garters.

V4000 Satin Colors/Black PVC       V50

 V4000U. Covers from below bust to above hips. Available in sizes 18-38. In stock in satin colors: black, red, purple, royal blue and black PVC. No garters.


V50-( AKA the ribbon corset) waist cincher-In stock in black,white, purple and red. No garters.


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